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Medical school applicant workshop

The Workshop

The MOMs Medical School Applicant Workshop is an event for first year sixth form and college students who wish to study medicine at university. It is organised and led by medical students from Manchester Medical School.

The workshop aims to deliver:

  • Insight into the application process for medical school

  • Insight into life as a medical student

  • Insight into healthcare and life as a doctor in the UK

Some of these events are in person, and some occur over zoom.

Booking A PLACE

For each workshop event, a select number sixth forms and colleges are contacted directly by MOMs with invites. These are educational establishments that have been identified as being in priority areas for widening participation. 


If you are a sixth former and want to register to attend, please complete the form below:

This workshop is free to attend. Due to the limited number of spaces available, it is important for an online registration form to be completed in advance. We contact sixth forms/colleges directly with invitations to distribute to their students.


Saturday 27th April 2024 at Royal Preston Hospital Education centre 1. Sharoe Green lane, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 9HT 9:00am -16:30pm.

Generic Itinerary

​Arrive for registration from 9:00am. Activities start at 9:15am.

  • Q&As with medical students

  • A taster of practical skills used in medicine

  • ​Lecture - Life at Medical School

  • An Introduction to Problem Based Learning, with an interactive mock PBL case (small group activity)

  • An Introduction to Communicating with Patients (small group activity)

  • Lecture - Top Tips on Applying to Medical School

Lunch 12 noon - 1:00pm.

  • A "Simulated Primary Care Centre" where attendees speak to "patients" and receive one-on-one teaching on interesting biomedical and ethics & law topics.

  • Seminar - UKCAT
  • Seminar - Personal Statement
  • Seminar - Discussions on Medical Ethics

The workshop finishes by 4:30pm. 

(Please note that this is only an example of an itinerary and that individual workshops may vary).

Simulated Primary Care Centre

MOMs strive to incorporate innovative teaching into their workshops, such as their 'Simulated Primary Care Centre' session.

To instil insight into the complexities of healthcare, attendees take on the role of medical student in this exciting and engaging activity. As medical students, they practise their consultation skills in speaking to 'simulated patients' about their medical problems and the wider impact it has on their lives. 

Following up on these consultations, attendees discuss the patients they have seen with tutors. Through this, they learn about the complex medical and ethical dilemmas that have been raised during their consultations.

This session receives overwhelmingly positive feedback: attendees are given a unique opportunity to get a taste of the intricacies of modern healthcare.


Attendees are required to sign in on arrival. If you have booked online but are unable to attend for whatever reason, please kindly inform the MOMs team of your absence in advance where possible.


Lunch will not be provided. Attendees are advised to bring their own packed lunch, or bring money to purchase food from a nearby shop. MOMs will not be responsible for attendees who go off-site during lunch or for the types of food eaten.

Dress Code

Attendees should wear smart, tidy clothing and present themselves in a professional manner. Jeans, cargo pants, leggings and similar clothing are not allowed. T-shirts are also not permitted. Footwear should be comfortable but smart and must NOT be in the form of trainers. Ladies who wear a skirt/dress must wear black/navy or natural tan hosiery.


This is in keeping with the dress code that is also expected of medical students while on clinical placement.


It is highly recommended that attendees bring pen and paper to take notes throughout the day. 


Although not essential, the use of a smartphone or other internet enabled device may be required in order to take part in one of the activities. Please note: attendees will be responsible for the safety and security of any personal belongings brought with them on the day. MOMs, the hospitals we are affiliated with, and the Students' Union will not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items. 


During the workshop, it is likely that photographs will be taken for use by the University of Manchester Students' Union. Should you not wish to have photographs taken, you can opt out of this.

Feedback Forms

Feedback forms will be distributed for completion upon arrival to the event and before leaving the event. This feedback may be used to assess the efficacy of the event.

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