Ben is a junior doctor currently working in Lancashire. After years of experience in mentoring and tutoring, Ben decided, in his Third-year of medical school, it was time to start his own initiative. With a passion for widening participation, Ben set out with the aim to support young people considering a career in medicine from lower socio-economic backgrounds.


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I am a Third-year medical student and I came onto medicine through the “transfer to medicine” scheme. I started volunteering with MOMs when I was still a Biomedical Science student, so this is my fourth year volunteering. I come from a lower socio-economic background and a special measures school so I feel it is important to help students who are like me. Everybody deserves equal opportunities so they are fully equipped to apply for medicine, it is our job to provide those opportunities.  My job is to organise the events and deliver presentations.

Ben Ryan
Founder of MOMs

Alisha Staley

Project Leader of MOMs

I’m a fourth year medical student. Having come from a disadvantaged background, I think it’s important that all students applying to medicine can get the information and support they need to apply regardless of their social background. I love being able to help students and find MOMs a great way to give back to the community. I help Alisha organise events and deliver presentations.

I am a fourth year medical student and taking on the role of treasurer this year. This is the third year in which I have been a part of the society . I love MOMs and all that it stands for. When I was applying I really struggled to know how to apply and what would boost my application, feeling very out of my depth in the whole process. This scheme gives people the chance to strive for medicine where they may feel it is out of their reach, widening participation in the best way possible.

Jessica Lane
Assistant Project Leader

Hannah Brunskill


I'm a fourth year medical student from Birmingham. I've volunteered with MOMS since first year because I believe the students involved deserve the best chance of getting into medical school, and I'd love to do my bit to help them. It's also really fun taking part on the event days. My role involves helping organise events and liaising with schools about our events.

I’m a second year medical student and I’m honoured to be on the MOMs team. I come from Preston and I attended an event when I was in sixth-form and it helped me a lot. I love to be able to support others considering medicine too. It’s so important to me that we remove barriers to this course so the NHS doesn’t miss out on some of the best potential doctors, and also so that students aren’t held back from their ambitions. I am responsible for publicity and our website.

Becca Vitarana
Event Manager

Selina Chaudhri
Publicity Manager

I am a third year medical student and have the role of volunteer manager within the MOMS society. My job is to organise medical student volunteers to help at the events. I have helped out at multiple MOMS events over the past two years and find them so rewarding. The MOMS events are so important as I strongly believe everybody should have an equal chance to attend medical school. I love being able to share my experiences and tips with the sixth formers in order to give them the best chance at success.

I am a third year medical student and have been volunteering with MOMs for the last two years. I love volunteering with MOMs as I enjoy working with sixth formers to build their confidence and show them what studying Medicine is like. I believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to study medicine and so I look forward to continuing to help out with society, as one of the volunteer managers. My role is to organise volunteers to help out at the events.

Harriet Richardson
Volunteer Manager

Ella Ashton
Volunteer Manager

I'm a third year medical student. I'm really excited to be a part of MOMs as it's important that no one should be at a disadvantage when applying to medical school. I want to help pass on knowledge that I received from widening participation schemes, and make sure participants can be as confident as possible when applying . I'll be helping to run the simulated sessions, this session lets student's experience what it's like to communicate with practise patients. 

I am medical student currently intercalating between 4th and 5th year. I am a stay at home student coming from a town called Oldham, in Greater Manchester.  I have been volunteering with MOMs for the last two years helping out at multiple events. Coming from an underperforming school and an area with few opportunities I feel it is important to help other students like me get into medical school. I help run the simulated sessions, which allows students to practice consultation skills.

Annie Brook
Simulated Session Lead

Raza Ali
Simulated Session Lead

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