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First Manchester Outreach Medics Year 12 Medical Conference - A Huge Success!

The first (ever!) Year 12 Medical Conference ran by Manchester Outreach Medics was a huge success! With over 80 attendees, an exciting mix of sessions, an interesting panel discussion on 'life in healthcare' delivered by doctors in a variety of fields, and outstanding presentations delivered by all the attendees, it was an excellent way to finish off a successful year!

We were absolutely blown away by the enthusiasm and the passion from all the attendees: their presentations were extremely impressive!

Feedback from attendees was very positive, and we're now looking to be running another similar event next year!

A description of the breakout sessions at the conference are listed below:

Research and Evidence Based Medicine - Ran by Alfred So, a 4th Year Medical Student with a passion for research! This session discussed the principles of research, and focused on some very key learning points for attendees!

Medical Ethics - Ran by Lily Edwards, a 3rd Year Medical Student who will be intercalating in Ethics next year. This session focused on the pillars of medical ethics, some interesting case studies, and group debates on hot topics in medical ethics!

Compassion in Medicine - Ran by Holly Gibson, a 4th Year Medical Student who was very excited to deliver such an important and interesting session! This session focused on the importance of compassion as a doctor, with real-life experiences from volunteers, and group discussion on compassion in healthcare. A powerful and engaging session all round!

Public Health - Ran by James Adams, a Medical Student at Manchester Medical School with a passion for Public Health and an outstanding portfolio of initiatives he himself set up! A very interesting and thought-provoking talk on the role of public health on improving health outcomes.

Professionalism in Medicine - Ran by representatives of the General Medical Council and Medical Schools Council. An interactive session on professionalism as a doctor, including key points from 'Good Medical Practice'! We were extremely grateful to have their support at conference!

Journey Through Healthcare - Ran by Ben Ryan, Founder of Manchester Outreach Medics and coordinator of the conference. Attendees followed the story of Philip Jones, played by a simulated patient who works with Manchester Medical School. Through this journey, attendees observed consultations between Mr Jones and different healthcare professionals, which acted as a springboard for discussion on key topics in medicine: a key theme being holistic medicine and the patient perspective.

It was also the last MOMs event to be ran by Founder Ben Ryan, before passing on the work to Charlotte Auty, the new project leader! Exciting times for Manchester Outreach Medics! See you all next year!

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